About the IDCC

Membership is Currently Open

  • For a limited time, membership to the IDCC is open to US companies.
  • The membership is restricted to limited number of companies to help facilitate effective networking and discussion at our quarterly meetings.
  • Are you worried about how best to cope with government regulation as your business tries to collaborate and sell to the US Government?
  • Do you need new leads for government sponsored R&D or outlets for your commercial products
  • Maybe we can help. Send an email to Alan Ayers, President IDCC.

See our IDCC Brochure.

The IDCC Member firms include:

2015 Membership  (Financial totals EOY 2014)

  • Large Global Firms.
  • Combined:
    • Sales - $118 Billion
    • R&D - $3.3 Billion 
    • Employees - 145,000

Typical Member Firm

  • Less than 20% of R&D funded by federal government contracts
  • Develop and deliver products and services to governmental customers leveraging existing commercial business processes and infrastructure
  • Government R&D contracts are primarily for Dual-use technologies.
  • The majority of technologies are related to materials, components or information technology

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