Membership is Currently Open

Membership to the IDCC is open to US companies.

The membership is restricted to a dozen or so companies to help facilitate effective networking and discussion at our quarterly meetings.

Does your company want to benefit from the unprecedented Federal Investment (trillions of dollars) to bolster US Manufacturing and to expand our Technology and Scientific leadership in the world? 

Do you need new leads for government sponsored R&D or outlets for your commercial products?

If your company would benefit from the above, the IDCC can help!
Contact us at:
                           Phone: (860) 713-3175


The IDCC offers:


  • Face to face introductions to gov’t officials and their program offices to understand priorities, budgets, and funding for R&D and procurement.
  • Opportunities to visit and gain a better understanding of federal research laboratories & facilities aligned with your company’s research initiatives.
  • Networking with peers in like roles across many industries & access to contract lessons learned over the past few decades.
  • Insight into industry implications from political posturing in Wash DC.
  • Expert talks on key compliance topics: Intellectual Property, data rights, export control, tariffs, contracts, etc.



We can help! Send an email to the IDCC President, Alan Ayers:
    Phone: (860) 713-3175

See Our IDCC Brochure

2023 Membership (Financial Totals EOY 2022)

  • Global Firms
  • Aggregated Member Financials:
    • Revenue       - $66 Billion
    • IR&D Spend - $1.1 Billion
    • Employees    - $105 k

Current Typical Member Firm:

  • May develop and deliver products or services, directly or indirectly, to governmental customers leveraging, where possible, existing commercial business processes and infrastructure.
  • May do Government R&D contracts support commercial technologies and products.
  • Wants to better Protect their intellectual property in government collaborations.
  • Wants to identify new opportunities to collaborate with various government agencies, Laboratories, and Institutes.
  • Needs to understand the ever changing environment of compliance and policies to support work with the Federal government.
  • Keep undated on Federal Appropriations legislation.