IDCC White Papers

  • 2008 White Paper on DOD's handling of Commercial Proprietary Data
  • Letter White Paper on "Lowering the barriers to accessing leading-edge technology from non-traditional government contractors - proposed SBA regulatory actions." (August 2006)
  • "Modernizing the Bayh-Dole Act for the 21st Century"
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  • Testimony of Susan B. Butts, The Dow Chemical Company before the House Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation Committee on Science and Technology (July 17, 2007)
  • Property and Government R&D for Homeland Security by Stanley Fry (2002)
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  • American Bar Association, Public Contract Law Section, Seminar on R&D Commercial Practices and Government Contracts - presentations by Fred Quan & Bob Spreng
  • "Intellectual Property in Commercial Firms" at The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Conference by Fred Quan
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Articles Published

  • "Intellectual Property Barriers to Civil-Military Integration: A Survey and Recommendations," by Robert C. Spreng, Proceeding, 1999 Acquisition Research Symposium
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Papers Submitted

  • "An Addendum to Intellectual Property Barrier to Civil-Military Integration: Clauses that Have Allowed the Government Access to Previously Unavailable Commercial Technology"
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Letters on Acquisition Policies, Laws, Regulations, and Proposed Regulations

  • October 2006; DFARS Case 2004-D010, supporting the proposed changes in Export Control
  • December 2005; DOE RIN #1991-AB72/TIA supporting DOE's Other Transactions Authority
  • November 2005; FAR Case 2004-025 supporting the proposed rewrite of the Government Property Regulations
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