Membership is Currently Open

  • For a limited time, membership to the IDCC is open to US companies.
  • The membership is restricted to limited number of companies to help facilitate effective networking and discussion at our quarterly meetings.
  • Are you worried about how best to cope with government regulation as your business tries to collaborate and sell to the US Government?
  • Do you need new leads for government sponsored R&D or outlets for your commercial products
  • Maybe we can help. Send an email to Alan Ayers, President IDCC.
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2019 Membership (Financial Totals EOY 2018)

  • Global Firms
  • Aggregated Member Financials:
    • Revenue       - $94 Billion
    • IR&D Spend - $2.6 Billion
    • Employees    - 106,000

Current Typical Member Firm

  • Develops and delivers products or services, directly or indirectly, to governmental customers leveraging, where possible, existing commercial business processes and infrastructure.
  • Government R&D contracts support commercial technologies and products.
  • Be better prepared to protect their intellectual property in government collaborations.
  • Wants to identify new opportunities to collaborate with various government agencies.
  • Needs to understand the ever changing environment of compliance and policies to support work with the Federal government.