Nov 20 2015

FY10 Defense Appropriations Bill

By: adayers

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On December 19th, the FY10 Department of Defense Acquisitions bill became Public Law 111-118 under President Obama's signature. See the summary of the bill here:

Note that this bill enacts a restriction on contractors regarding the arbitration of tort claims with employees or subcontractors (see section 8118).
Read an analysis of this provision here:

Other sections of note to contractors:

(Sec. 8025) Prohibits the use of funds from this Act to establish a new federally funded research and development center (FFRDC). Limits the federal compensation to be paid to FFRDC members or consultants. Prohibits the use of FY2010 funds for new building construction, cost-sharing payments for projects funded by government grants, absorption of contract overruns, or certain charitable contributions. Limits the staff years of technical effort that may be funded for FFRDCs from FY2010 funds. Reduces, by $120.2 million, the total amount appropriated in this Act for FFRDCs.

(Sec. 8026) Provides Buy American requirements with respect to the DOD procurement of carbon, alloy, or armor steel plating.

(Sec. 8110) Directs the Secretary to conduct a study, and report to the defense committees, on defense contracting fraud.

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